Our attorneys are always reachable. We return calls, emails and texts promptly, so you can get the answer you need, when you need it.

Avoiding litigation when it's possible

Litigation is expensive, time consuming and has uncertain results. We give regulatory and compliance advice to help keep you out of litigation.


We strive to bring your legal matters to a satisfactory close as quickly as possible. When early resolution is not possible we staff your matter efficiently to minimize your costs.


We think outside of the box to find ways to resolve your legal dispute when possible.

Strategic partners

We tailor our advice to your specific business needs, to minimize future risk and maximize leverage.

Protecting you in litigation

Our attorneys have over 15 years of combined litigation and trial experience against some of the nation's biggest firms. We have the skill-set and track record to effectively advocate for you in court.

Automotive law

We represent family-owned, middle-market and publicly held companies in the automotive industry in all aspects of their business, franchise, labor and employment, litigation, regulatory and transactional needs. Whether you need an answer to a state or federal regulatory issue or need representation to defend you in a lawsuit, we have the tools to offer you quality representation, with individualized attention at competitive rates.

Business law

Companies have a variety of needs, from employment advice and counsel, to regulatory issues, to drafting, review and negotiation of vendor agreements. Because many of our clients are in retail sales or involved in the supply chain of inventory-based product manufacture and distribution, we stay abreast of many of the legal issues most companies face and counsel our clients on best practices and litigation avoidance in the day-to-day operation of their business.

Labor and employment law

The laws governing the employment relationship in California are constantly changing. We help our clients stay abreast of the evolving employment legal landscape and defend them in administrative hearings, court or arbitration, when necessary. Our attorneys are also experienced in labor law and provide advice and representation on union issues.

Privacy, data security and trade secrets law

The laws concerning privacy and data security continually evolve to keep up with new innovations in commerce. Likewise, as new technologies take hold, it has become easier than ever for departing employees, competitors and hackers to gain access to your valuable trade secrets. Our attorneys counsel corporate clients on compliance with privacy laws and protecting data and trade secrets.